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Three Reasons To Book A Short Stay At Raintree Square

Updated: Jun 25

Raintree Square is an independent retirement community that also offers short-stay options. This opportunity allows adults over the age of 55 the ability to stay from one week to a few months within the fun-loving community of Raintree Square. Here are some reasons to plan a short stay at Raintree.

1. You want to make new friends and meet new people. If you live alone, you might be looking for a change of scenery. Our apartments have kitchens, updated décor, and access to the many activities our residents enjoy daily. We also can provide meal plans if you want a break from cooking.

2. Your loved ones are going out of town. Maybe your kids stop by to see you a few times a week or a neighbor checks in every other day. When they leave town, do you have anyone you can count on? If you book a short stay at Raintree Square, we have a staff dedicated to making sure you have what you need. You also will have plenty of opportunities to connect with others with the activities we provide.

3. You want to see what Raintree Square is all about. You’ve heard about the warm and friendly atmosphere at Raintree Square and the benefits of independent living… but you want to find out for yourself if it’s a good fit. Plan a week-long stay and try out the meals and events. Get to know a few of your potential neighbors. Take a look around some of the apartment options available.

There is a brief evaluation required before your stay.

If you’re interested in a short stay at Raintree Square, contact us at or call 765-521-3491.

Short stay options at Raintree Square


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