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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to live at Raintree Square? 

As a senior living community, our residents are age 55 and older.

Are utilities included? 

Yes! One of the main benefits of living at Raintree Square is having things taken care of for you. Rent at Raintree Square includes water, electricity, heat, and air conditioning. It also includes satellite TV, wireless internet, telephone service, trash pickup at your door, a personal indoor mailbox, city bus fares, and general maintenance.

Do you have wi-fi?

Yes! As mentioned above, we do have wi-fi in all rooms and public spaces on a secured wireless network. We even offer basic assistance to help residents set up connections that might be a little tricky.

What activities do you offer? 

We have a wide range of activities available for the people who live at Raintree Square. Some of our activities are weekly, and some change monthly depending on requests from the residents and the weather. Some of our favorites are outings for lunch or shopping. Some regular activities include bingo, crafting classes, exercise classes and much more. Check out a sample calendar here.

Do you offer medical care? 

Raintree Square’s apartments are designed for independent senior living, and our staff does not provide medical care. However, some of our residents do work with area home nursing companies to receive care in their apartments. We are not an assisted living facility. To learn more about the differences between independent living and assisted living, check out this article.

Can I have my car at Raintree Square? 

Absolutely! We have ample parking for residents and many of our residents drive their own vehicles.

Do you offer transportation? 

We do! In addition to the city bus, we have a large transport van, with lift, for activities and minivan service for medical appointments. We do request a 24-hour notice on transportation needs, if possible. We make twice weekly trips to the grocery store in addition to our activities. Our drivers have been properly licensed and trained.

How can I get to my doctor?  

Our Raintree Square staff will be glad to take you to your appointment for a small fee. Please give us as much notice as possible so that we can be sure to schedule the transportation that you need.

Do you offer short-term stays in furnished apartments?  

Yes, we do! If you want to spend the winter with friends without having to travel, we have winter season apartments. We also have apartments for those who want to just try out living at Raintree Square. When available, we have spaces for family and friends who are visiting.

Do you have storage available? 

We do not have additional storage available, but many residents find that our ample closets provide plenty of storage. If you need a referral for a nearby storage unit, we will be glad to help connect you.

Do Raintree Square apartments have kitchens?

Our apartments have either full kitchens or kitchenettes, and many of our residents enjoy cooking their favorite recipes for themselves and friends. We also supply one meal a day in our staffed kitchen, and additional meals are available if needed.

How much does it cost to live at Raintree Square? 

Raintree Square strives to be an affordable option for area seniors. We are operated by a non-profit organization, and all proceeds go to manage the facility and care for the people who live here.

Rent includes: one meal a day, water, electricity, heat/air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless internet, telephone service, trash pickup, city bus fares, activities, and general maintenance. Most residents find that it is less expensive to live at Raintree Square than at home.

Contact our staff for current pricing options.

When can I move in? 

Soon! Our application process is simple and includes an evaluation process. If you are approved and we have apartments available, we can help you get settled right away. However, if you need more time, you can make a deposit to save your apartment.

Download an application here.

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