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Special Efforts Make Raintree Home

At Raintree Square, our residents are more than neighbors- Raintree Square is a family. Whether it be a resident party, help running errands, or a simple hello before breakfast… Raintree Square goes above and beyond to put a smile on each resident's face.

During the current quarantine situation, the entire staff is taking all necessary precautions to keep residents safe. Raintree Square is currently working with local grocery providers to get deliveries for residents. Before delivering the groceries to each resident, every item is cleaned and disinfected to ensure no germs are transferred.

Even though resident parties are currently on hold, everyone is anxiously awaiting the next one we are able to have. Staff member Marcy Brown truly goes above to make the parties extra for attendees. She tries to add extra touches to make the residents feel special and at home.

Support office staff member Phyllis makes the mornings a little brighter by taking coffee to those who are unable to get out. Other staff can be seen frequently sitting and talking with residents, comforting them when they need it most. Kitchen staff makes a point to remember what residents like to eat or drink.

When you live at Raintree Square, we pay attention to you in every aspect of life. The big and little things will not go unnoticed. We want Raintree Square to feel like home- but better.


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