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What Makes Raintree Square Different?

Discover why Raintree is the place to retire in Henry County.

A smiling man is getting a friendly greeting from a smiling woman
Raintree Square is a community of friends.

Raintree Square Retirement Community, located in New Castle, Indiana, is more than just retirement apartments. It’s a family, a place for seniors to live it up, and a loving community.

Here are four things that make Raintree Square different than other apartment facilities. 

1. Our Ownership. Locally owned by Raintree Friends Housing, Inc., the purpose of Raintree Square is not centered on a corporation’s bottom line. Rather, the focus is providing a quality living experience for adults over age 55. Raintree Friends Housing is a Christian-based, not-for-profit organization. The board of directors is composed of representatives nominated by New Castle First Friends, Spiceland Friends, Mooreland Friends, and Knightstown Friends Churches. 

2. Our 24-7 Support Services. While Raintree Square is not an assisted living facility, our care for the people who call this place home is continuous. We have a staff member available 24 hours a day. We also offer an emergency call system with an optional emergency pendant. 

3. Our Affordability. Raintree Square’s monthly rent includes all utilities, wireless internet access, satellite television access, one meal a day, and many other amenities. While many of our residents are active with independent activities, the staff also plan regular events to give residents plenty of options to connect. Those who live here find the activities, amenities, and convenience of Raintree Square well worth the reasonable monthly cost. 

4. (And most importantly…) Our People. Each member of our community plays a vital role in the fabric of Raintree Square. Our residents bring priceless life experiences and take pride in looking out for one another. Each member of our staff enjoys the connections with residents and the culture at Raintree is positive and inviting. 

Interested in finding out for yourself what makes Raintree Square different?

Contact us to schedule a time to stop in for a free lunch and tour. We’d love to talk with you about how you can connect with our loving community. Click here to schedule a tour.


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