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Long-Time Staff Reflect on Decades of Service

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

As Raintree Square celebrates 30 years of serving, three supervisors have been here for most, if not all, of these three decades.

Rich Lee started working at Raintree Square in 1996, performing maintenance tasks throughout the building. Over the years, Rich has participated in some of the activities, including fishing trips and cookouts.

“I really enjoy the residents and working with the staff,” he said. “I’ve seen many improvements to our building over the years.”

Joyce Criswell has been with Raintree for nearly 22 years. She has served as both a housekeeper and general helper. She enjoys helping others and caring for the people who live at Raintree Square.

“They feel like extended family to me. I feel so blessed to have made so many friends over the years,” expressed Joyce.

Phyllis Denney was here when Raintree Square opened its doors 30 years ago. She has served in various support roles, caring for and helping residents.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know all the wonderful people who have lived here at Raintree,” Phyllis shared. “I feel honored that God put me here to help all these people.”

Raintree Square’s anniversary celebration will culminate with a special event on Saturday, September 28, at 2 pm. Join us in the garden gazebo area for refreshments and reflection on 30 years of friendships and service.


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