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Independent Living verses Assisted Living

Updated: Jun 26

What's the Difference?

A couple smiles at Raintree Square and a nurse helps a sick patient

Raintree Square offers independent living apartments. While our apartments are all fully accessible, we are different than an assisted living facility. What are the primary differences between independent living and assisted living? 

Independent living is designed for those who want to live on their own while being connected to others in a caring community. Raintree Square is not a nursing facility but does have 24-hour staffing. While some of our residents work with a home health care service to receive medical care, that is not part of our standard services. 

Assisted living is best for people who need regular medical care and oversight. Many assisted living facilities offer services that are covered by insurance, and they employ medical staff. 

Independent living is often more affordable. Residents at Raintree Square can choose enhanced services like housekeeping and additional meals, but many Raintree Square residents choose to do their own laundry and cleaning. All Raintree Square apartments include kitchen appliances so that residents can make their own favorite meals. Most residents enjoy lunch together in our dining room where our staff prepares a variety of appealing meals. 

Assisted living usually involves more cost because of the extended medical services. Many assisted living apartments do not include full kitchens, and instead provide all meals for residents. While this is convenient, it does increase the expenses involved. 

Independent living allows residents to participate in activities, but nothing is required. Residents can come to every single daily activity or choose to participate in only a few programs a month. Most Raintree Square residents are retired, but still active in church and civic organizations. They participate in activities both with fellow residents and with friends and family outside of Raintree Square. 

Independent living at Raintree Square means being part of a loving and active community. Staff and residents are involved in one another’s lives and check up on each other if they notice a resident isn’t at lunch or is missing a favorite activity. In addition, Raintree Square offers an emergency pendant system which allows a resident to contact staff in case of an emergency. 

Find out if independent living at Raintree Square is right for you. Click here to schedule a tour. Or call us at (765) 521-3491.


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