An Update from Raintree Square

As the COVID-19 virus becomes a growing concern, the staff at Raintree Square are closely monitoring the situation. Because we are not an assisted living facility, but independent living apartments, we are not limiting visitors. We are, however, encouraging all residents and visitors to be extra vigilant in their health and interpersonal interactions.

Starting Monday, we are only allowing visitors in the front door of our building. Once inside, each visitor will be tested for fever and will fill out a short survey. If all is clear, the visitor will be allowed to enter the building.

We are taking precautions by doing extra cleaning of common areas. We are also in close contact with the Henry County Health Department. We have sent letters to all of our residents, family, and staff about the virus and best approach to care.

At the current time, we are going to continue offering our regularly scheduled activities for Raintree residents. Thank you for caring about our community here at Raintree Square!

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