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Part of the Family: Meet Tabbi

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

As the oldest of five children, Tabbi appreciates the importance of family. In her role of Activities Director at Raintree Square, she finds herself spending a lot of time with the residents. She has come to see them as an extension to her own family, enjoying their stories and outlook on life.

Tabbi sees herself as an old soul. She explained, “I am inspired by glimpses of the good ol’ days I see in each and every resident. I eagerly soak up their stories.”

Throughout her growing up years, Tabbi has been deeply involved with her church, and her father being in the Christian Camp ministry aided in that involvement. She has found that community is vital in combating loneliness and loves seeing family members visit Raintree Square.

“Recently the residents participated in an activity of writing down a resolution for 2021,” Tabbi continued. “A gentleman I look up to, because of his level of faith, wrote down that his aspiration was for a deeper prayer life. He didn’t focus on fickle material goals, but rather on the immaterial goal of eternity.”

Chris Sitler, former Activities Director, has taken on a different role at Raintree Square as he enters semi-retirement.

“We are so happy to have Tabbi as a member of the Raintree Staff,” Cindy Brooks, Administrator, added. “She truly cares about our residents and their quality of life!”

When Tabbi isn’t working at Raintree Square, she enjoys spending time with family, photography, and various sports or activities that involve her being outdoors with her friends.

The next time you stop by Raintree Square, be sure to wave hello to Tabbi!

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