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Raintree Square Welcomes Familiar Face To Administrator Role

Cindy Brooks near our peaceful waterfall!

Raintree Square, a local independent living apartment community, will soon bid farewell to retiring administrator Steve Wray. The board of directors of Raintree Friends Housing recently selected Cindy Brooks to take on the role of leading the independent living apartment community.

Brooks started working at Raintree Square in 2012, left for another role in the community for a few years, and returned in 2016 to serve as the office manager. She has a bachelor’s degree in management and business organization from Miller College of Business Management at Ball State University and has served in several management roles locally. Brooks volunteers with several organizations in Henry County and founded the local Miracle League for baseball players who have disabilities. She looks forward to her new responsibilities with Raintree Square.

“I love the residents here and being with the staff, working together to help each other,” she remarked. “I also love that Raintree is a nonprofit organization and we are able to focus on the people who live here and making a difference in their lives.”

Brooks credits much of the positive energy at Raintree to her predecessor Steve Wray, who has served at Raintree since 2010.

“Steve is always upbeat, always looks at the brighter side, and our residents love that,” Brooks noted. “He greets everyone by name and that’s what I plan to continue. He gives everything that personal touch, and I want to keep that going.”

In addition to Wray, Brooks also derives inspiration from women who have grown in their careers through hard work or education. She specifically named her cousin Teresa Kelnhofer as a person who inspires her in her career.

“Teresa was hired as a director for Regency Multifamily, she moved up to Vice President, and now serves as the company’s CEO. She accomplished this with a lot of education, but no formal degree. She just worked her way to where she is now,” shared Brooks.

Brooks plans to build on the legacy left by the administrators who have held the role before her. She appreciates the opportunity to take a fresh approach to serving the residents at Raintree Square and looks forward to involving the staff and residents regarding plans and projects.

Brooks shares a home with her husband Alan and has four children: Hannah, Evan, Jordan, and Tyler. She intends to continue to view her work as more than a job.

“I was talking with my coworker Phyllis who has been at Raintree for more than 30 years, and she sees this job as a ministry, which is how I see it, too,” Brookes expressed. “My faith is central to what I do, and I believe God placed me here to do this and to show His love in what we do here.”

For more information about Raintree Square, visit or follow Raintree Square on Facebook.

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