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Marcy Brown is now Raintree's Office Manager

A familiar face at Raintree Square has recently shifted into a new role. Marcy Brown, former Activities Assistant, will now be serving as Raintree Square’s Office Manager. Her combined five years at Raintree Square, along with her compassion for others, deemed her the perfect fit for this new position.

Marcy began her journey at Raintree Square in 2014 when she accepted a job in the support office. Not long after she was promoted to office assistant, a role she held until moving to southern Indiana for a year. Upon moving back to New Castle, she became the activities assistant for two and a half years where she helped create innovative programs for the residents at Raintree. She looks forward to continuing her service to others as Raintree’s Office Manager.

“I love the Christian values we have here at Raintree Square,” Marcy explained. “Raintree has truly become my home away from home. Everyone here is like family to me.”

When Marcy isn’t working at Raintree Square, she can be found loving on her grandchildren and going to church. She also enjoys traveling with her husband, David.

Marcy loves her job at Raintree Square because the staff and residents “stick together.” She also added, “Someday, I’m going to live at Raintree Square!”

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